Our Story

Before they met Founders Benjamin Youngstrom and Matthew DeMond were already on their path to building Mercury Mobile Printers. Benjamin had been building businesses since he was 6, everthing from selling lemonade to building his very own “newspaper”. At the same time, in middle school, Matthew buit his own portable 3D printer from plywood and household parts.

The two met in college working on an aerospace project of Benjamins devising but in 2020 they launched Mercury Mobile Printers. This came after a conversation Benjamin had with a friend. This friend had just gotten back from a humanitarian trip to Kenya. The goal of the humanitarian trip was to maintain infrastructure that had been built by a charity a year earlier. When the team arrived they found the issue was only a simple part break. Yet, unable to find a replacement or a resonable temporary fix they were forced to order a replacement. This replacement took a month to arrive and was installed in an hour.

Benjamin and Matthew have been working to counter issues like these since. Teams equipped with truly portable manufacturing capabilities don’t wait for parts they manufacture solutions.